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Classy Closet


“I’ve got plenty of closet space,” said no one. Ever. But the right organizing solutions can make even a small closet feel spacious, can put hard-to-find items within easy reach, can help you start your day more efficiently, and can help you protect those “investment” pieces like pricier handbags or shoes from extra wear and tear. The secrets to successful closet-organizing: go vertical, keep it visible, don’t over-complicate things, and make the most of shelf and floor space.

  • We all love purses, but storing them can be a challenge. Clever Organizing Solutions offer not one, but three great storage options. The Handbag Cubby provides easy-to-use, vertical storage for up to eight bags.
  • Got shoes? We’ve got you covered. Choose the Flip Flop Cubby or Shoe Cubby to neatly store your everyday footwear. 
  • Short on shelf space? Create five extra shelves in your closet with the Sweater Cubby. But don’t limit yourself to sweaters. This storage solution is also great for sweatshirts, jeans, and even towels and linens. Need a few extra minutes in the morning? Use one shelf each for five complete workday outfits. Just grab today’s outfit and go!
  • Selecting the right hanger for the right job can be a key to closet organization. Clever Organizing Solutions has specialized hangers for nearly every storage need. Our Space-Saving Hangers – Set of 10 help you maximize space and can be used with our Cascading Hanger Hooks – Set of 10 and Hanger Clips – Set of 12 for customized hanging solutions. Our Vertical Tie Hanger and Vertical Scarf Hanger are cute, compact, and convenient – and they make great gifts! For more specialized hangers, check out the Closet section of our online store.
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