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Want to get organized and have no idea where to start? We are creating this resource page to get help with all things organization. 

6 Steps to Success

Step 1 - Make a plan. The number one reason efforts to organize fail is lack of an organized plan. Don't try and tackle the whole house or even a whole room in one day. Break it down to easy to execute plans
Step 2 - Pick a spot like the pantry, a few drawers, half the closet etc. Think about how you not only want to organize it, but how you will keep it going so your efforts are not wasted. Use our handy planner below to pick projects and get set up for success
Step 3 - Buy all your products. Not just the organizers, bins, and acrylics but you the cleaning products and make sure the shark vacs are charged.
Step 4 - Make the time. Trying to do a project when you do not have the time only leads to emptying something out, making a giant mess, then having to stare at it until you finish. Do small section at a time. So at the end you have something to look at and be proud of.
Step 5 - Use your new organized area for a few weeks and take note what is not working. This is where doing smaller areas is the best approach. This lets you see if it is staying organized and if not what items are the ones you have to move the most.
Step 6 - Ongoing effort, once your projects are complete use what you've learned on the next area you tackle. When you do your cleaning rounds, keep a notepad around to make note of the areas you see that are constant areas of clutter and additional clutter. This will help you plan next projects.

Best Practices

  • Shop First - Make sure you source all your organizational aids before you start. We can be a one stop shop for most items, but do not forget cleaning products as well. Other great buys are tape, scissors, contact paper, and command strips!
  • Clean Out - Don't clear out an entire room when you organize. It can be overwhelming to have the contents in another. Do one or two areas at a time. Remove everything into a box. Clean the entire area before putting everything back.
  • Declutter - Make 3 Boxes : Trash, Donate, keep. When organizing it is the perfect time to get rid of things you haven't used in forever and have no use for. Donating to others is always a good idea, and in some cases can be a tax deduction. We are not financial advisors but ask your accountant. The stuff you keep
  • Place your containers first - Put up your bins and containers first and make sure you like them before filing them up. When purchasing items make sure to look at the space and make sure to get enough to fill all the shelves and drawers.
  • Use it -Take note over the next few weeks of any clutter that still exists and what is using it. If there is something you forgot, add it. If the area has space for everything, make sure you train yourself to put things back after use.
  • Ongoing effort - Organization starts with the planning and big day of putting everything away, but the key to staying organized is training yourself to use it, Be patient because we all need time to adjust, but setting it up and keeping with it is the key to being organized.

3 Bin Approach to Declutter

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